About us

X-Visible is a IT company founded by a team of software architects bringing together their more-than 12 years of expertise on software development to offer practical assistance and mentorship to business and technical leaders of the world. We are small enough that nobody's contribution is diluted but everyone of us makes a difference. Our team may not be large in size, but we tackle the technical challenges of biggest companies. We come from all over the world. We are all intent on solving some of the most complex computing problems to be found in industry and academia, and we get to test our solutions in the real world.

At X-Visible, we all get to grow. We get to work with really smart people who stretch our thinking, doing what we love and what we are good at. We can try out new roles, working with different teams, taking on new responsibilities, and pushing our work, and the company, forward. X-Visible offers many opportunities for talented people who get excited at the thought of tackling challenging and meaningful technical problems. X-Visible is a place where builders can build, experimenters can experiment and everyone can play both roles.

We believe that the key to effective software development is creating the best software teams. Best teams come with the best players, in terms of software development we see "best players" as the ones who can combine technical skills, innovation and desire of self-development with the ability to cooperate. We are good at weaving our people into effective teams that use the most innovative processes to deliver working software.

To have more information on the projects our team has taken accomplished and the technologies and tools we have mastered please contact us.