Partner Program description

X-Visible is open for a long-term relationship.

Out partnership program includes next benefits.

• Marketing support
    Email templates
    Competitive Analysis

• Sales assistance
    You can contact Partner Program Manager if you need to know anything about the Partner Program or get additional information about X-Visible. Email: [email protected]

• Joint Promotions.
    Participate in joint regional promotions, exhibitions and fairs.

• Monthly newsletter and periodic emails.
    This is not spam, but valuable information requested by our partners. Includes special announcements, applicable alliance deals, updated Q&A and sales tools.

What is X-Visible

    X-Visible is a highly secure communication system for formal, enterprise or military usage that consists of strongly encrypted tools.

    • Encrypted Messenger
    • Encrypted Video Conference
    • Anonymous Web Surfing
    • Untraceable VoIP Calls
    • Encrypted Fileserver
    • Encrypted Email

X-Visible uses advanced encryption algorithms and system architecture to protect user's privacy.

Greatest advantage of X-Visible is that it is built to fully comply with Secure Communication Environment (SCE) demands.

    • X-Visible include all communication tools to prevent users from using unsafe software
    • All X-Visible services comply to unified security policy
    • All X-Visible services are cloud based
    • Access to X-Visible is Multiplatform
    • All data exchange between X-Visible users is encrypted end to end, including open wi-fi networks
    • Between X-Visible services all data exchange is encrypted
    • Users of X-Visible can remain complete anonymity
    • Passwords to X-Visible are provided by OTP-Token
    • Communication data is not stored on user devices
    • X-Visible's system owner and administrator have no technical possibility to track user actions
    • Access to X-Visible is not affected by regional restrictions and firewalls