To login to your X-visible account, you need to press “LOG IN” in the upper right corner of the site.

Then you will need to input your login and password from your X-visible card and press “Login.”

Input the numbers from your OTP-token’s screen and press “Check.”

Your OTP token shows the password to your X-visible account. The password changes every 27 seconds.
1. Password
2. Password lifetime timer
3. Battery indicator. It appears when the token has less than 20% battery.

And now, you are in the system!

On the left, you can switch between modules: Chat, VoIP, Email, Proxy, Files.
The central part is where most of the action like chatting, dialing, and writing emails happen.
On the right side, you can find your contact list.
The upper part is where you will see your notifications and options.

To start a conversation or video call, you first need to add a person to your contacts.
To add a new contact, press the plus icon on your contacts panel.

Then input user’s name and press the search button.

Click on the user you want to add and send him/her an invite.
After you added a new user, he will appear in your contact list.

User hasn’t confirmed your request yet
User is online
User is online but away
User is busy (maybe talking with someone)
User is offline
When sombody wants to add you to his contact list, he will send you an invite and you will get a notification (red bell) in the upper right corner of the screen. Only people who are in your contact list can send you messages or make video/audio calls.

To write a message you just need to click on the person from your contact list.
All message are encrypted by default.

To start a Video/Audio call, press on the phone icon that appears when you point your
cursor on the users from your contact list.


When you call, or someone is calling you, a browser notification will appear. For the video call to begin, you need to let your browser to use your web camera and microphone. Press the «allow» button and your encrypted call will start. This precaution is necessary to make sure that no other service is using your camera and microphone at the moment and your call is completely secure.

During a video call, you may switch to chat or turn your camera off by pressing the corresponding buttons.

To add more people to a chat/call, simply choose another person from your contact list.

To make an untracable call to any phone in the world, choose the VoIP module on the right.

Here you can call somebody from contacts that you have added before by pressing the plus button, or add a new contact by pressing the «Add Contact» button.
Important: You don’t need to write a plus sign in front of a phone number when you add a contact.

Also you can call any other number by simply dialing the number on the dialpad (no plus sign is needed).

X-Visible email may look like any other email, but in fact, it is a very special tool. When you send a letter, you are given a unique email addres that will be valid only during your current session.
It will look something like this.
After you log out of X-visible, this email address will no longer be valid, so nobody will be able to trace the message to you, if you will not sign the email. You can receive answers to emails that you have sent only while you stay in the system. Your letters are not stored on any servers, so you can be sure of your privacy.

Just type any site’s address on the internet that you want to visit and press the «go» button. You will reach any site in the world while maintaining complete privacy. Use the option button depending on the level of security that you want to reach.

Some very small amount of sites may not work correctly with all the privacy options turned on, so you may uncheck them anytime.

Press the blue button on the right to browse in fullscreen

Use the buttons on the right to create a new folder or upload a file.

Choose one of the folders if you want to move, rename, or delete it.

Important: Files should not be bigger than 1 Mb.
Use the navigation line to move back to the parent folder.

Some files, like pictures, can be viewed inside X-visible by double clicking on it.

Please contact us if you have any other question